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“Wish” Review

A young girl named Asha wishes on a star and gets a more direct answer than she bargained for when a trouble-making star comes down from the sky to join her.

I remember seeing the marketing and trailers for this and thinking it had no soul and I really had no reason to go see it, which is a shame because it turned out to be a pretty well done film with some really well done references to prior Disney works. Those references should have been a part of the marketing because this was released during the 100th anniversary celebration of the company and honestly those references should have been more of the movie, if not the core focus. Instead it’s just generic “wishes” and not a direct push for you to remember the dozens of films that you’ve enjoyed throughout your life. It’d be a slight against the final product to say that it’s not good though, and I do suggest it, I just wish it had taken a different path.

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