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“The Crow” Review

The Crow: Directed by Alex Proyas. With Brandon Lee, Rochelle Davis, Ernie Hudson, Michael Wincott. A man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancĂ©e’s murder.

With an upcoming remake / reboot / sequel / prequel about to be released in just a few short weeks, I realized that i never really gave this franchise a proper watch, so here we are with 1994’s adaption of the comic series by the same name. I’ve not read any of the comics, but judging from just the movie, it seems to be a typical indie style situation and I’m sure it’s not in my wheel house at all, much like this film. It goes all in on mid-90’s edge with a grungy soundtrack that lays thickly over a just a grungy city with grungy and unclean people living miserable lives that all culminate every year on devil’s eve. It’s that night that a terrible murder is committed and it’s a full on “fridge your girlfriend” situation where the hero is prompted to make things right after being killed himself but brought back to live by a crow that grants him abilities to exact revenge upon the murders and rapists.

The movie is best known for being Brandon Lee’s last film because of some lax on set rules for weapons on set and a misfire causing his death during the filming. It’s a shame because he was the one standout from this entire miserable affair.

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