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“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” Review

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire: Directed by Gil Kenan. With Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace. When the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second ice age.

A perfectly worth entry into the Ghostbusters franchise, I’m happy with how the small steps they’re taking seem to be building towards something larger, but all while making good smaller stories. This is something that Marvel use to do very well, but then they transitioned to focusing more on the meta story and less on the single story and now we’re in the mess we’re in now with them. This movie however is a fun one with internal consistency, good call backs that aren’t too heavy handed, includes great foreshadowing and includes all the necessary guest stars that are all more than just cameos. My only complaint, and it’s a small one that I can easy forgive, is that there’s returning characters from the first film, both of whom were living hundreds of miles away and are somehow how living down the street from the Ghostbuster family. I was ok with the explanations, but it was funny to see them again.

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