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“Road House” Review

Road House: Directed by Doug Liman. With Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniela Melchior, Conor McGregor, Billy Magnussen. Ex-UFC fighter Dalton takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse, only to discover that this paradise is not all it seems.

The original “Road House” movie is a classic of pure machoism mixed in with small town corruption and this reimagining holds true to the basic premise, doing it justice in a modern setting. I found it entertaining and would suggest that it’s a great movie, except there was a creative decision to use some funny looking “impact” camera work during the fights, which made the stunt work look face and forced. Added to that is the concept of two guys that just straight up can’t be knocked out, no matter what hits their head or how hard it hits them, and several of the fights are just silly no stakes, no impact boring slugfests that just end up with two well muscled and beautiful men walking away from the encounters breathing heavy and looking sexy with minor wounds.

Just to be clear though, I do enjoy seeing Jake Gyllenhaal without a shirt on, so if you’re in the same camp, you may find this movie worth your time.

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