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“Bird Box: Barcelona” Review

After an entity of mysterious origin annihilates the world’s population causing those who observe it to take their lives, Sebasti├ín and his daughter begin their own great adventure of survival in Barcelona.

A sequel to the movie that had no relation at all to the previous movie is a bold choice for Netflix and “Bird Box Barcelona” has a distinct feeling of a movie that was made only so Netflix could check off a language requirement or two to sooth local government’s nerves about the big American company coming in and steamrolling local culture. Is it a good film? It’s good enough for me to say that if you were a fan of the first film, this one should be on your watch list. I’m frustrated by everyone speaking at least 4 different languages, so if you watch this, it’ll need to be with the subtitles turned on and the movie being the sole focus while it’s on, no fixing websites or reviewing previous movies. There’s a fair bit of world building that happens throughout the film with a few large pieces falling into place in the last 20 minutes or so. The acting is pretty ok and the story is pretty ok as well, but again, for what it is, I still recommend it.

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