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“Extraction 2” Review

Extraction 2: Directed by Sam Hargrave. With Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Adam Bessa, Tornike Gogrichiani. After barely surviving his grievous wounds from his mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake is back, and his team is ready to take on their next mission.

There’s some fantastic action sequences with plenty to appreciate as an action fan. The plot is fantastically thin, but I’ve never seen any reason for an overly complicated action film, just make the entire thing believable and I’m there. There only real complaint I have is that I’m sure they intended it to be a LONG time between the end of the first movie to the point that our guy is ready to fight again, but I got the impression he woke up in the hospital, spent a couple weeks being mopey with a leg brace and arm sling, then another week pushing logs in the snow laden forest to get back into prime fighting shape.

Action is the name of this game though and Hemsworth et al do it well.

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