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“Hellraiser Deader” Review

Hellraiser: Deader: Directed by Rick Bota. With Kari Wuhrer, Ionut Chermenski, Hugh Jorgin, Linda Marlowe. A journalist uncovers an underground group who can bring back the dead and slowly becomes drawn into their world.

Another direct to VHS installment of a franchise that at this point should have just been left to die somewhere in the Romanian alleys that the film was constructed from. Oddly, this is a somewhat solid film and would be a fine additional to a “Best of the Worst” style movie marathon, but the attempt to shove Pin Head in at the very end felt weird, though it was a nice touch to verbally suggest there was a bloodline involved through all the movies. I will say this, I think there was more nudity in the subway scenes than all the other movies combined, which was a pleasant addition to the mythos, finally they show some of the pleasure that’s on the opposite side of the pain/torture coin that Pin Head is always talking about!

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