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“Best Sellers” Review

Best Sellers: Directed by Lina Roessler. With Michael Caine, Aubrey Plaza, Scott Speedman, Ellen Wong. A cranky, retired author reluctantly embarks on a final book tour to help out a young publisher.

The daughter of a now passed book publisher has taken over the company and needs to find a book to publish to save her company, invades the home and privacy of an elderly author that wrote one published book and has turned into a one cat man who drinks, smokes, and writes all day.

She convinces him that he owes her company a book and further convinces him to go on the road for a book tour to promote the book and pull her company back from being sold for pennies, they learn to trust each other and yadda yadda yadda. You’ve seen this story a million times and you know how it’s going to end, the only things that really change are the actors involved and in this case, they’re absolutely fantastic. This is likely the most serious role that i’ve seen Aubrey Plaza in, and Michael Caine just announced that this is going to be the last film he’s going to make. The obvious thought is that he was channeling that desire to pull back from movies during the making of the film, but I’m not sure how true that is.

It’s a good film and it pulls all the right heart strings, so check it you if you have the opportunity.

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