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“Ghost 1990” Review

Ghost: Directed by Jerry Zucker. With Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn, Stanley Lawrence. After a young man is murdered, his spirit stays behind to warn his lover of impending danger, with the help of a reluctant psychic.

The movie opens with a series of infectious jokes in the elevator, which hit much differently now that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic that’s killed well over half a million in the US and millions around the world. I’ve seen the movie in the past, but had forgotten nearly everything about it other than the broad strokes of him dying and working with Whoopie ( who doesn’t even get a name drop in the official IMDB description) to save his girlfriend. I had forgotten the best friend situation, and how the movie was resolved (more murders!), but was happy to be along for the ride.

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