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“Jabberwocky” Review

Directed by Terry Gilliam. With Michael Palin, Harry H. Corbett, John Le Mesurier, Warren Mitchell. A young peasant, with no interest in adventure or fortune, is mistaken as the kingdom’s only hope when a horrible monster threatens the countryside.

If you were to say “golly this looks an off brand Monty Python and the Holy Grail” you’d only be half wrong, as Michael Palin was actually in BOTH of the films. Jabberwocky could actually serve as a less funny, but more gritty sequel to “Holy Grail” and while I wish I could suggest it, I honestly can’t. The version I watched was on Amazon Prime and had a title card saying that it had been restored by the BFI and the George Lucas Family, so obviously someone out there feels it has artistic merit, but I struggled to make it to the end of the film.

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