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“The Adventures of Pluto Nash” Review

Directed by Ron Underwood. With Eddie Murphy, Jay Mohr, Randy Quaid, Rosario Dawson. In the future, a man struggles to keep his lunar nightclub out of the hands of the Mafia.

Notoriously derided as the nadir of Eddie Murphy’s carrier, I strongly disagree with that sort of talk and consider this one of the finest films that the man was ever involved with. Sadly, I think I’m in the vast minority here, as even the studio sat on the film for about 2 years after filming before they released it in 2002. For a 2002 film, it’s not really good enough to say it’s worth your time to see, but if you were to watch the original Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger, then watch Pluto Nash, you might not even know that you were watching another film. At least if you only paid attention to the world building, special effects, and miniature work, because the stories don’t exactly line up, nor the tones….actually I don’t know what i’m saying here, other than I love Pluto Nash and I’m ok if no one else does.

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