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Darkest Hour

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Directed by Joe Wright. With Gary Oldman, Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Mendelsohn. In May 1940, the fate of World War II hangs on Winston Churchill, who must decide whether to negotiate with Adolf Hitler, or fight on knowing that it could mean the end of the British Empire.

Entertainingly boarish and miopic in nature, this film purposefully doesn’t look outside the scope of just a few weeks of Winston Churchill’s decision about the nature of the second world war, much to it’s credit. Lilly James is delightful as always and Gary Oldman is exactly as perfect as you would expect.

Go in knowing that they don’t deal with any of Churchill’s real issues though, as most of the crimes against humanity happen well after the time period portrayed here.

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Darkest Hour originally appeared on Adam Selvidge’s Website on September 11, 2020.

The post Darkest Hour first appeared on Adam Selvidge’s Website.

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