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The next game from Fullbright, the creators of Gone Home. What mysteries await, 200,000 miles from Earth?

Fantastic game with a mechanic that I’ve seen used before in lesser games, but used perfectly here. This isn’t a long game, maybe 4 hours if you really stretch it, but it’s tightly scripted and gets out right when it should. There was a point where I found a political pamphlet in someone’s bunk and I thought to myself, “oh no, I think I know where they’re going with this” and based on that thought I really didn’t see the ending coming when it showed up.

I never gave “Gone Home” it’s time, maybe I should. I hope to see more from the Fullbright team, hopefully a follow up game that continues the “Tacoma” story on another station.

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Tacoma originally appeared on Adam Selvidge’s Website on August 6, 2019.

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