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Letters from Iwo Jima

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Directed by Clint Eastwood. With Ken Watanabe, Kazunari Ninomiya, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Ryo Kase. The story of the battle of Iwo Jima between the United States and Imperial Japan during World War II, as told from the perspective of the Japanese who fought it.

The opposing side of the battle briefly explored in “Flags of our Fathers”, but with Letters, more time is spent on the island itself, with explanations of what the Japanese were up to in the time leading up to the American invasion.

They were both ok films, but Letters was my first experience with “Audio description” dubbing, I’m not able to pay attention to both subtitles and the movie itself, having both running at the same time usually ruins the experience for me. With “Audio description” though, nothing is ruined and even further insight is given about what’s going on and where you should pay more attention. I’m going to keep my eyes open for other movies with this that I may have skipped in the past because of the lack of official dubbing.

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Letters from Iwo Jima originally appeared on Adam Selvidge’s Website on June 26, 2019.

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