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Gone With The Wind

51bN7QmIXIL Gone With The Wind

Period romance. War epic. Family saga. Popular fiction adapted with crowd-pleasing brilliance. Star acting aglow with charisma and passion. Moviemaking craft at its height. These are sublimely joined in the words Gone with the Wind.

Another great CMX flashback experience with one weird caveat. Before the movie begins they have a guy telling you about the film (for the previous film I watched he went into detail about how the Alien franchise was not being developed but that James Cameron was interested so that’s how we got 5+ more films in the series). For “Gone With The Wind” I was sure they were going to mention that this movie should be enjoyed (it’s a great film with absolutely amazing acting, sets, and costumes) but that it has some aspects of the film that should be taken with either a grain of salt or an entire history lesson on the American Civil War and separately, the history of Black Americans. No warnings about how this is a romanticized version of “The South” and that the grandeur they show in the movie was little more than fiction. No warning about the racist language or concepts.

It was a good experience, but as you can imagine, I feel the introduction could have been a four hour special all on it’s own.

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