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Pacific Rim 4k

9169UmKcn L. SL1500  808x1024 Pacific Rim 4k

I’ve heard that this movie is pretty great in 4k and I found it for $9 at Target, so I jumped on it as quickly as possible, which it turns out was not as easy as I had assumed. We have several Targets here in town, and while the website suggested that the closest store had a couple copies, they did not, in fact, have any. They checked their internal inventory system and saw that there were two copies on the far far side of town, so I called that store and asked them to pull one for me, which they had no problem doing.

When I got down there though, I found they had pulled me the HD version and not the UHD version, so the guy had to go hunting for it, luckily finding it without much fuss.

I’m here to tell you, this is by far the definitive version of the film, and if you really want to put your new 4k tv through it’s paces, this is the movie to do it with. That scene with the plasma sword while in orbit? Absolutely breathtaking. That scene where they punch the other thing? Absolutely breathtaking. It’s a great film to begin with, but the 4k transfer is nearly flawless as far as I’m concerned and highly suggest seeing it in that format.

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