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The Spy Who Dumped Me

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After being dumped by her boyfriend who is a spy, a woman and her friend become embroiled in a conspiracy.

As always, Mila Kunis is as impressive as always and Kate McKinnon is just on the wrong side of being too annoying. She’s much like Jim Carey in this way, a comparison that I make in the best possible way, she’s energetic, has an elastic facial expression repertoire, and I look forward to when she calms down just enough to do be funny but not spastic in her humor. Maybe that’ll never happen, maybe it will, but this is something that’s obviously working out for her, so much like Adam Sandler or Melissa McCarthy, she’s getting paid some good money to do things that I personally don’t feel is her best.

What a horrible life to be paid millions of dollars to not impress me with her world famous acting.

All that being said, I absolutely loved every outfit she wore in this film, specifically the final glitter suit thing, that was an amazing outfit. The story is one that’s been told a few times before, but the combination of blood, cuts, full frontal mail nudity, and humor is a route that isn’t often taken. It works in this film and you should check it out, maybe let me know what you think of Kat McKinnon. Is she too much? Does her humor work for you?

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