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Marvel Rising: Initiation

I’m assuming this is going to be a show that’s on a legit cable channel, perhaps one that Disney owns, but for now you can apparently watch the entire first episode on the youtubes.

It’s ok.  I’m a fan of the animation style, but there’s something off with the voices, especially Quake, as voiced by Chloe Bennet, I didn’t even recognize her voice and all her lines felt like they were being given separately from the other characters.  There’s also a curfluffle being made about how most of the characters are women, but that’s not something that’s hammered in during the episodes or even mentioned really, and all the characters are properly unique characters instead of just “lady thor” or “lady iron man” or “lady hawkeye” like Marvel’s tried to do in the past.  “Ghost Spider” is the main focus of the series, though she’ll always been named “Spider-Gwen” to me, though it makes sense that she’s not going through the world using her real name as a part of her hero name!

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