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The Green Hornet

21S2AWP7SVL The Green Hornet

After Bruce Lee’s untimely death in 1973 and the global success of enter the dragon two 90 min feature films were created to capitalize on lees world wide stardom. The green hornet has never been released on dvd until now. So come and get it while it last.

Not the full TV series and not the goofy action comedy that starred Seth Rogan, this is the combination of three episodes from the 60’s show that were ill advisedly mashed together with other action scenes to make one long movie. The sum product doesn’t work very well, but the original episodes are pretty fun. There’s some big game hunters going after mob bosses, a “man from mars” type of episode, then an incredibly unfortunate asian stereotyping episode where all the asians are either kungfu bruisers from Chinatown or Chinese restraunt owners from Chinatown. The first two episodes are great, especially the spaceman one, I honestly didn’t know which way they were going to turn with it and they went the right way for the tone of the show. The third episode was curious considering the second star in their show (and honestly the best fighter on the show) was Asian.

I don’t recommend watching this ‘movie’ but I do recommend watching the episodes, it was a great series that still hasn’t gotten the love it deserves.

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