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81X52EHeAZL. SL1500  745x1024 Heat

Wave after wave of excitement comes your way in this nitro-meets-glycerin thriller about an obsessed, cool-fire criminal mastermind and the flashfire L.A. cop equally driven to stop him.

Fun action scene punctuated by some of the most toxic masculinity I’ve seen on film. This should be the movie shown when people ask “what exactly is a toxic masculinity”. Some of the actions scenes were pretty good, but there’s a few scenes that beggar belief (running for 20 minutes while shooting at bad guys and you can snipe someone from 20 yards right between the eyes? ok then). Additionally imho the wrong guy gets shot at the end of the flick, but I’m ok with either of the unlikable main characters going out in a hail of bullets, it’s almost like they were wanting it to happen.

Sidenote, I think this is the only film I’ve ever seen with Danny Trejo in which he does not show off that awesome chest tattoo he has, not even once.

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