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The Deadly Mantis

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It’s man versus insect in The Deadly Mantis, a thrilling classic from the golden age of sci-fi cinema! When a giant, thousand-ton, carnivorous praying mantis is released from its million-year slumber in the frozen Arctic, a determined commander (Craig Stevens), a paleontologist (William Hopper) and a photojournalist (Alix Talton) work together to stop its terrible path of deadly destruction. As it walks, leaps and flies towards Washington DC, the fate of a nation rests on stopping the menacing insect by any means possible.

One of those low budget monster features that doesn’t actually feature a monster until the last possible moments of the film and even then, boy howdy there’s a lot of mist. It was a fun movie but it really shows it’s age in a few ways, the first was the treatment of the only woman in the whole film, the second was the fantastical treatment of the military forces and how they were protecting America from forces unnamed (Russia!) with our mighty radar pickets.

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