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Impulse 395x586 Impulse

Youtube exclusive series about a young woman that can teleport.  It shares the same name with a book by Steven Gould, but I’ve never seen a television series so completely change the focus and backstory of a book to this extreme.  The original story from the book is a fantastic coming of age story, featuring the daughter of the original Jumper discovering her own teleportation abilities, along with the draw backs to being the daughter of a pair of internationally wanted parents.  The tv series is about a girl that is sexually assaulted by the son of a small town drug lord that owns a used car lot and her journey through the emotions of the sexual assault that occurred during the first episode.  They really hammer home how difficult it is to deal with all the questions and responses that come after a sexual assault, and I get that there needs to be conversations about what exactly constitutes rape and what constitutes inappropriate sexual peer pressure, but shoehorning it into a comic book genre series about teleportation just seems out of place.  Ever episode I’m hoping for some kind of super power demonstration, but I think I’ve seen the main character smoke more joints than I’ve seen her teleport.

I’m still only about half way through the first season, but I think I’m going to give the rest of it a hard pass, there’s too much angst and drama and not enough teleportation for my tastes.  I have enough drama and angst in my own life to want seek it out on TV.

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