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91lHTGo xL. SL1500  883x1024 Geostorm

Something’s wrong with the satellites that control climate and prevent devastating natural disasters. It’s a race to uncover the threat before a worldwide geostorm engulfs the planet.

The wife hasn’t seen it. I know I HAVE seen it, but I find no record of it on my site, so did it really happen? This movie had a long and sad release story, I think it took several years after filming for it to actually come out, then it was panned by most of the critics. It’s not a terrible film and would have done much better if it were set to an Aerosmith soundtrack, but alas they had to make due with Lorne Balfe, who did a pretty good job, but unfortunately is not Steven Tyler.

The visuals in space are what I like the most about the film, the ISS-IV is a pretty space station and I like how it blew up all pretty like.

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