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The Monster That Challenged The World

the monster that challenged the world.25696 681x1024 The Monster That Challenged The World

An underwater earthquake in the Sargasso sea yields up the eggs of a long-extinct sea monster. Once hatched, the monster’s offspring sustain themselves by sucking the life forces of various unlucky human land dwellers. Even worse, these horrendous creatures procreate at an incredible rate, laying 3000 eggs per sitting. Eventually, the monsters are neutralized by Modern Science, save for one stray…

Going to spoil this movie, it’s been out for 60 years, so if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, stop here.

The “monster” is an atomic powered snail that gets all angsty, gets killed by a sailor, then it’s kids go on a killing rampage in one small town. There’s more than one of them and they never leave that one zip code, so the title of the movie is a completely lie.

If you can get past such a brutal truth, you’ll find this to be a fun creature feature with some fun set pieces.

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