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91vA57jqoL. SL1500  768x1024 Rampage

When a genetic experiment goes awry, it unleashes super creatures that rampage the city. Scientist Davis races to secure an antidote to try to save the ape that was once his friend.

Malin Akerman, some other dude, The Rock, some lady. You only need to know two people in this movie, Malin Akerman and The Rock, both of which play their roles to perfection. I’ve never seen Akerman as a mustache twirling villain before, but it’s a role that she drive head first into and played it to perfection.

The source material here is pretty limited, the movie shares it’s name with a 1986 arcade cabinet in which you played giant monsters that ranked up your scores by destroying buildings and assorted citizens or military personnel. The story of the movie isn’t much deeper than the game, but adds a nice level of modern polish to it that makes it feel familiar yet unique: Evil corporate CEOs are doing some seriously fucked up science shit in space, it comes back to earth Gravity style, infects some animals who then go on to destroy Chicago. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if I spoil the ending: the monsters go up against The Rock and The Rock beats them down. Sorta.  There’s more to the story, but really, does anyone go to a video game adaptation for deep and thoughtful stories? Or do they go to see giant gorillas break a building in half?

Judging this just on what it says on the cover, this is a great film. It’s not a “great film” that will be remembers for all of time, but it certainly does well at taking itself seriously right up to the point that it shouldn’t, then just letting it fly (the wolf).

I suggest seeing this one, it was fun.

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