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Following a car crash, a man wakes with no memory. As he seeks help, he discovers only dead bodies. He soon discovers the horrible truth; any living thing that comes within a 50-foot radius of him dies instantly.


The trailer gave me the impression this was going to be a low budget half assed movie. It’s shorter than I would have thought, only 1 hour 30 minutes long, but I’m not sure how else they could have padded that time, this was a very concise film. There’s a couple good story points involved with the situation and I don’t want to build it up too much, but I need you to watch this so I have someone to talk to about it. It’s on Netflix, so please watch it and come back to tell me what you thought of that ending.

I really enjoyed Radius, it’s a weird science fiction film that I’ve never seen anything like it before. It does remind me of a few comic book story lines, it’s a new concept in movies.

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