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jumper movie poster Jumper

The science fiction thriller leaps to a new realm with Jumper, which begins the epic adventures of a man who discovers that he has the exhilarating ability to instantly teleport anywhere in the world he can imagine. From New York to Tokyo, from the ruins of Rome to the heart of the Saharan Desert, anywhere is possible for David Rice (Hayden Christensen), until he begins to see his freedom is not total, and that he’s not alone… but part of an ongoing, global war that threatens the very survival of his rare and extraordinary kind.

I love the concept and this movie is easily in my top 10 movies, if only because it introduced me to Steven Gould, who’s written several Jumper books, all of them better than the last. If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out, then if you dig the concept of teleportation, check out the book series.

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