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The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power

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Join an exciting new chapter in the action-packed series from the Producers of The Mummy! After the king of Norvania is assassinated, the legendary Scorpion King Mathayus is framed for the crime and must fight off an entire kingdom of soldiers. Now Mathayus (Victor Webster) and his only remaining allies, a mysterious woman and her unconventional father, are the last hope to stop the evil heir to the throne on his quest for an ancient and almighty mystical power. Featuring Lou Ferrigno (“The Hulk”) and an all-star cast of fighters, including Roy “Big Country” Nelson (Winner of “The Ultimate Fighter”), Royce Gracie (UFC Hall of Fame) and Don Wilson (Three-time World Kickboxing Champion).

  • same actor as SK3
  • Men dancing through the hallways?
  • They have swords but will usually punch a guy instead
  • Lou Ferrigno!
  • Men in dresses
  • A tribe of midgets?
  • Burping Contests! The woman wins, how did anyone ever expect that to happen!
  • Going out of their way to disprove magic, I’m waiting for the inevitable twist where magic saves the day.
  • The old guy is still in his dress.
  • Hey, there’s the magic twist, no wait, it was science the whole time!
  • No wait, there’s the magic, it was inside you the whole time, but it’s too dangerous for any one man to control, so let’s just lock it back into the vault we found it in.

At the end of the day I think a better subtitle for this movie would have been “The Scorpion King 4: The Further Adventures of Hercules”, I really did expect Kevin Sorbo to show up towards the end there, these two series share a very specific campy humor and low budget feel.

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