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Daughter Of The Jungle

Daughter Of The Jungle Daughter Of The Jungle

Two young men are in Amazonia filming a documentary. They are captured by the natives and their situation seems hopeless. The landing of a seaplane instills their trust, but they fall from the frying pan into the fire. The newly arrived are adventurers who came to look for rubies using the natives as slaves and are led by the evil Dupré.


It’s exactly what the fake cover would lead you to think it is, an enjoyable sexplotation movie set in the deep jungle, with chimpanzees and elephants.

Lives on Amazon Prime, at the very very end of a very esoteric category of movies. The movie poster they have for it features a woman that doesn’t actually appear in the movie, but sorta looks like the lead jungle lady that captures the hearts and minds of the two idiots that got themselves lost in the deep jungle.  I check out these crappy films from time to time because sometimes, just sometimes, they turn out to not be the terrible slop that they present themselves as, and end up being a film that had the poor fortune of having a lot of heart but no budget.  Luckily, this was the latter, the story and acting are unfortunate and there’s a gratuitous amount of female nudity, but there’s evidence that they were having a lot of fun making the movie.

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