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Black Panther

black panther Black Panther

T’Challa, after the death of his father, the King of Wakanda, returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king.

By no means is this a bad movie, but it felt more like a DCU movie and an MCU movie. What do I mean by that? Obvious CGI (bad as Green Lantern at times), music that feels more like a concept pop album (just like Suicide Squad, but with music you’ve never heard of!) and a plot that was really all over the place but didn’t really seem to go anywhere. There was no real connection to the MCU, for better or worse.

The only thing that saved this movie was the actresses and the exceptional Afro Futurism. Chadwick Boseman seemed to be barely there, both mentally and physically. There were times that he looked down right ill. Michael B Jordon was great to look at, but the character of Kill Monger was a weak one with weak motivations and there’s only so much that an actor can do with such a limitations. The ladies on the other hand had great characters and they did a whole lot with what they were given. Lupita Nyong and Danai Gurira were absolutely fantastic as the two main supporting actresses. I’d love to see a movie with just the two of them kicking ass at illegal casinos.

The after credit scenes were completely skippable, but don’t skip them, you’ll want to be able to comment on exactly how skippable and predictable they ended up being.

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