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The Assignment

assignment 2017 2 691x1024 The Assignment
Michelle Rodriguez is a hit man out for revenge against her former captor and rogue surgeon, Sigourney Weaver, in this action packed thriller from legendary director Walter Hill.

This a bad film, but it’s one of those bad films that’s so terribly thought out and horribly executed and so unaware of itself that it comes around the curve to be a great film to drink and scream outloud to.

Spoilers because idgaf: You see Michelle Rodriguez full frontal nude as both a man with a giant swinging dick and as a woman after a diabolical surgeon turns “him” into a woman without his approval. Rodriguez is justifiably upset about this transition and sets out to find some justice at the end of her 45s. The story means nothing after the first 20 minutes of nudity and questionable career choices and the action is not very great.

What the fuck? Rodriguez is a beautiful woman, even as a man.  They didn’t even bother to butch her up even slightly, just throwing an incredibly ineffective beard on her and a good looking prosthetic man piece.

I’m really not sure how anyone convinced Rodriguez to play the unwilling transgendered hitman and THEN able to convince Sigourney Weaver to play the mobster / evil surgeon. It’s on Amazon Prime right now, so feel free to check it out and get back to me about how you feel.

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