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House 2: The Second Story

th House 2: The Second Story

Jesse McLaughlin’s sitting on top of the world. He’s a talented artist with a growing career and a beautiful girlfriend. And he’s moving into a magnificent house. A very special house. A house which will plunge him into an incredible adventure…one where all of his dreams, fantasies and nightmares will be realized.

Combine a western with Risky Business, Ghost Busters, Indiana Jones and a far bit of alcohol and you get House II: The Second Story. It feels like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Why did I watch House 2 and not the first House? I saw an advertisement for the movie in an issue of The Comet Man, the same issue that Stan ‘The Man’ Lee announced that Marvel Comics had been purchased by the same production company (New World Pictures), who would quickly later sell Marvel off for only $70 million dollars (Disney paid $4 billion for the company when they acquired it). This was a fun movie and the production values (and appearances of Bill Mahr and John Ratzenberger) was completely unexpected but greatly appreciated.

If you’re in need of some great 80’s creature feature movies, House 2 should be on your list of movies to check out.

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