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Creepozoids 874x1024 Creepozoids

The flesh will crawl right off your bones! From legendary cult filmmaker David DeCoteau (PUPPET MASTER III, SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIME BALL BOWL-O-RAMA) and producer Charles Band (RE-ANIMATOR) comes one the most beloved B-horror/fantasy films of the 1980s: CREEPOZOIDS! Blending key elements of genre hits MAD MAX and ALIEN (while also incorporating elements of Band’s PARASITE and METALSTORM) but produced on a tenth of their budgets, CREEPOZOIDS tells the tale of five Army deserters who wander the post-apocalyptic, post-industrial LA landscape seeking shelter from an increasingly toxic environment and poisonous rain. They end up in an abandoned laboratory where they explore, have sex and eventually run afoul of a cavalcade of genetically engineered creatures including mutant rats, a monstrous baby, a massive, bloodthirsty H.R. Giger-esque beast…and something even more malevolent.

Surprisingly not done by Troma Films, which may give you an indication of he quality of the movie. This was a pretty great low quality b-rated film that had some practical monster effects that really did it for me. Nevermind that the film has a nonsense story and nevermind that the movie literally just ends with a dude walking out of a room while the monster baby he was fighting slowly turns to the screen and gets an amazing freeze frame. It’s mindless shlock, but it hits nearly every movie trope that I hold near and dear.

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