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Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

91mvr8fkF8L. SL1500  877x1024 Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

In this science fiction adventure set in the 1930s, New York City report er Polly Perkins starts to investigate why so many famous sc ientists ar e being reported missing. Soon, she gets clues, as strange flying machi nes and giant robots threaten the city. Luckily, her old flame, aviato r Captain Joseph Sullivan aka Sky Captain, is there to battle the bad gu ys with the Flying Legion, in his Warh awk P-40. Now Polly must fly away with Sky Captain to Nepal to find a crazy scientist, Dr. Totenkopf, who apparently wants to destro y the world!

A beautifully done homage to a genre of films that I’ve not had much experience with. They went way too heavy on the rose filter in the first two thirds of the film, as it really only gets pretty in the last 20 minutes. I really dig the robot designs, they feel much like The Iron Giant or even Atomic Robo.

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