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Future Man

Future Man Pilot 20160403 BH  663 presssite 1024x333 Future Man

Future Man- Pilot

A janitor by day/world-ranked gamer by night is tasked with preventing the extinction of humanity after mysterious visitors from the future proclaim him the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion.

First half of this series is rough, it’s only in the second half of the season that everything starts to feel like a serious series and not a web series filmed at your cousin’s boss’s bodega. If you’ve seen the trailers, you know this story is exactly like The Last Starfighter, just with a Teminator level of convoluted time travel shenanigans. There’s some good humor here, but stuck behind a whole bunch of humor that just doesn’t work, leaning far too much on the source material that they’re making a homage to.

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