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A club owner (Pierce Brosnan) promotes a new drug called URGE which causes people to lose their inhibitions. Things take a sinister turn when primal impulses become uncontrollable.

I wouldn’t have recognized Danny Masterson, but because of the recent rash of accusations of rape and physical abuse that he’s been involved with, then the continued involvement with the cult of Scientology…well I had loaded opinions when he came on screen. Only reason I watched this was because of Pierce Brosnan and it was free to stream on Amazon prime.

Believe me when I tell you, this movie is not worth your time. It’s an obvious attempt at a morality tale, but everyone starts the movie being completely trash human beings and then turn into even worse trash people. Brosnan gets about 10 minutes total screen time and sucks the air out of the room with his hamfisted impression of what a pimp/drug dealer/devil would be through the haze of a self dosing drug dealer.

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