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He Named Me Malala

81Y9N78MXL. SL1500  720x1024 He Named Me Malala

This inspiring documentary tells the story of teenager Malala Yousafzai, who survived a Taliban attack in Pakistan to emerge as a global voice for the education rights of children.

This was interesting to see, if only for the overt recognition from Malala herself that her own personal views and political standpoints were deeply reflective of her father’s own viewpoints. It’s notable to me only because it’s an obvious deflection that anyone that wants to dismiss her as just a parrot of someone’s else’s political whims. Yes, she’s a politcal activist’s daughter, but it’s clear that her mind is her own and she’s as much of her own opinion as she is of her father’s, and it’s clear that he’s given her room to grow her own opinions.

She’s a bright kid and I hope to continue to see great things from her.

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