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Friday the 13th, Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan

51W8PFHZYEL Friday the 13th, Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan

A passing boat bound for New York pulls Jason along for the ride. Look out New York, here comes hell in a hockey mask.

I like the idea of people being stuck on a boat with Jason, really drives home the idea that you have no where to run to. There was a clear split between the boat scenes and the Manhattan scenes, they even felt like they were directed by different directors. I found it curious that the lead character was doped up with some heroine, then spent the rest of the movie out right sprinting. Isn’t that stuff supposed to slow you down a bit?

I also laughed out loud audiably when she found a bucked named “toxic sludge” while down in the sewers, not even 2 minutes after the random city worker said they flush out the tunnels with toxic sludge every night at midnight, which begs all sorts of questions about what exactly is going on beneath the streets and why he was down there 10 minutes before the nightly flushing.

Also, did they just leave that kid down there?

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