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Baby Driver

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Coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love & freedom.

I’m a big fan of this burgeoning trend of movies set to a soundtrack of pop songs, but including the music in the plot of the movie, ala Guardians of the Galaxy. Baby Driver take this to the next level, with music that isn’t just plot related, it’s sound design related as well. I can’t imagine how much fun and how difficult it was to time up some of the scenes they set the soundtrack to, but I applaud the efforts, it turned out extremely well.

Edgar Wright wrote and directed this film, it’s the first movie he’s released since he parted ways with Marvel, he was originally the writer/director of Ant-Man, but they made a mutual decision to not continue forward with the project after Marvel wasn’t happy with the writing portion of his contract. While I’m sad we’ll never likely get to see his version of Ant-Man, I’m happy he was able to make Baby Driver, and he’s quickly starting to become a director that I’ll watch his work regardless of anything else about the movie. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of movie’s he has written/directed:

Shaun of the Dead (you’ve got red on you.)
Hot Fuzz
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
The World’s End

If you have a chance, see it in theaters, the theater quality surround sound is used to great effect.

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