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The Flash: The Complete Series

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When a bolt of lightning crashes through a police crime lab, a mix of electrically charged substances bathes chemist Barry Allen, transforming him into the Fastest Man Alive: The Flash (John Wesley Shipp). As the super fast hero uses his newfound speed to fight crime, only research scientist Dr. Christina McGee (Amanda Pays) knows of the changes that have transformed Barry into his secret identity. In season one, The Flash stops a gang of art thieves, saves his ex-policeman father from a vengeful criminal, thwarts a demented electronics genius and defeats a schemer named the Trickster (guest voice Mark Hamill), among other adventures.

I remember when this series was on TV, that first episode was absolutely amazing, but 20 years later I could only remember that one first episode. I had it on my wish list for a few years and a friend gave it to me as a holiday gift, then 8 years later I finally sat down and watched them all. Point 1 – Mark Hamil is in this series as the Trickster, a poor man’s Joker. Hamil absolutely kills it though, and it’s clear to see why he was selected to voice the actual joker in the Batman Animated Series. Another interesting Batman connection is that The Flash’s television series is composed by Danny Elfman, who had previously scored all of Tim Burton’s Batman films.

There was obviously a decision made to make the Flash more relatable to the Batman movie that had recently come out to great success, with a majority of the action taking place at night. Readers of the comics may find this somewhat odd, as Flash isn’t known for being a creature of the night, but it helped hide some of the rougher edges of the special effects, which to be honest are well done enough that I don’t see many problems with them, though holding them up to the modern Flash tv series isn’t suggested.

I enjoyed watching these, but I think they should have been shorter episodes and nearly every scene in every 22 episodes was on a set of some kind, even the outdoor scenes. No clue what the reasoning was for it, but it was obvious.

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