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Quantum Of Solace

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Picking up an hour after the end of CASINO ROYALE, Bond’s journey leads him into conflict with the murky organisation called Quantum who are bidding to take control of Bolivia’s water supply.

The opening song of this film is just horrible. Doesn’t mention the title of the movie like 99% of other Bond films and truly sounds like someone was strangling a cat during the few minutes it was playing. Quantum of Solace is a loud and boring film that’s fallen into the horrible trend of a thousand cuts for every action scene. Towards the beginning of the film, there’s an action sequence in which Bond is chasing a guy and they crash into a large room that’s being renovated and I counted no less then 150 cuts in the 3 minute scene. dropped the gun? cut! move your foot? cut! need a reaction shot? that’ll be 5 cuts pls.

I really do not like this ‘new’ Bond, he’s flavorless, humorless, and isn’t recognizable as the same character from the other Bond movies.

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