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Casino Royale

81bmffDhK L. SL1500  768x1024 Casino Royale

Bond takes on arch criminal Le Chiffre, their poker game extending from the gaming tables to the realm of international terror networks and stock market manipulation.

Clueless, witless and a damn boring man. This was Daniel Craig’s first attempt with the role and it was a bitter disappointment. How much of a disappointment? At one point Bond (while in a Bahama shirt) is driving a Ford Focus with noticeable product placement angles. Additionally, this movie had no sexy ladies in the opening title sequence, which is damn right heretical and frankly is not acceptable. There’s some weird plot devices used too, like an opening chase scene where Bond manages to find a front end loader that’s been equipped with bullet proof glass. Another major point of contention is when he’s at the bar asking for a vodka martini, he orders it and says “I Don’t give a damn if it’s shaken or stirred”. what exactly where the writers going for here? Take everything we know and love about James Bond and rip them up?  To have this new Bond spend more time worried about some crappy card game and stock market manipulation than legit plot movement?

This is a hard pass for any future rewatching, what a shame.

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