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Tomorrow Never Dies

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The Carver Media Group Network seems to know the news even before it happens. It’s up to James Bond to find out how and why.

Tomorrow Never Dies has a great opening with bad guys that have Storm Trooper accuracy, which is both enjoyable and unfortunate. 10,000 round shot at Bond and only none of them land anywhere important on a Russian fighter with nuclear missiles? Ok then! I note that Michelle Yeoh has a great role in this film for two reasons: 1 – this may be the first example of regional casting that I personally experienced and 2 – she’s going to be in Star Trek Discovery sometime this year. No clue what she did between this movie in 1999 and 2017, but it’s great to see a name I recognized.

Additionally, it was nice to see Desmond Llewelyn return as Q. He’s the only actor to have had a part in ever single Bond film that he was able to, with this being his last film to my memory. According to wikipedia he died after an unfortunate car accident following the premier of this very film. Unfortunate and distressing to me, to say the least.

Of note is that James Bond somehow decided to forget the British military (of which he’s an apparent member) and decided to ask to use the US military for a HALO insertion into the bad guy’s lair. Odd and very concerning!

Like the other villains that Bond has fought against, he’s again pitted against the 1%, this time it’s against a man that’s a part of the global news organisation and is a willful participant in “fake news”, which might be the first time that we’ve seen such a weird situation in a film. Luckily Bond killed all the fake news organisations, so we don’t have to worry about that in 2017!

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