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Never Say Never Again

51S3M8Q8YML Never Say Never Again

Sean Connery returns for his final appearance as James Bond. In this remake of Thunderball, Bond is brought out of retirement to investigate the theft of two nuclear weapons by SPECTRE.

Sean Connery’s final appearance is also the first movie that I know of that has the same actor remaking the same film and plotline as before. The only other one that comes to mind is the Evil Dead franchise, but that was redone because they had a lot more money to throw at it compared to the original’s shoestring budget. In this retread of Thunderball, Bond is again sent to a vacation spot to convalescence, this time because his new age hippy boss accuses him of having too many “free radicals” in his bloodstream. The plot is the same with some technological updates, no longer did they take a whole jet with two nukes, this time it’s two cruise missiles. The third act was another big change, they didn’t have a big underwater battle like the original, just Bond and the man villain ended up in a knife fight while straddling a nuclear warhead. To be honest, this was a let down!

This movie had one of the better title work ins and was completely natural in terms of how it was presented, I’m happy Connery made this is final film, while it was a great film, he was starting to show a little too much grey for such a spry secret agent.

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