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Austin Powers: The Spy That Shagged Me

51PV6DQP2VL Austin Powers: The Spy That Shagged Me

First he fought for the Crown, now he’s fighting for the family jewels! Mike Myers returns as the world’s grooviest superspy who must return to the Swingin’ Sixties.

Eternal Argument: who’s a hotter Austin Powers special agent love interest? Elizabeth Hurley or Heather Graham? I’m team-Heather in this regard…

Austin Powers 2: The Spy That Shagged Me is as much of a homage to the Connery/Moore Bond films as it is to the 90’s:

  • Jerry Springer
  • Mini Me!
  • Secret Agent preferring to use hand to hand combat even though he has a gun
  • See through shirts that just oh so accidentally show nipples. This time it’s Dr Evil’s saucer pancake nipples, but just the same…
  • Madonna connection: her music was actually in Austin Powers before it was in Die Another Day
  • Island Lair
  • Space Based laser platforms
  • bikini beach assault, this time the hero is in the bikini!
  • just the 2 of us, did you forget that Wil Smith was a rapper in the 90’s?
  • Villains that change the hero’s clothing after they initially capture them. This was in the first film too, but it was more noticeable to me here.
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