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91UupiqS2VL. SL1500  768x1024 Moonraker

When a Moonraker space shuttle disappears the chase leads Bond into outer space.

To sum up this movie with a slightly paraphrased qutoe:

Bond: “But why did you steal the Moonraker that was built for the Americans?”
Evil 1%: “Because I deemed it so, now stop asking questions and let’s get on with this space battle!”

They’re back to giving the female lead “clever” names. This time it’s Dr Goodhead, which I fully enjoyed Lois Chiles in the role. Another spoilerish thing I enjoyed was Bond’s not too subtle prodding of JAWS to have him turn on his employer while stranded 100 miles in space (don’t worry, he landed ok with his gf while riding down a piece of space debris).

An interesting side note, at the end of the previous film (The Spy Who Loved Me), the after credits blurb mentioned that Bond would return in “For Your Eyes Only” but according to several sources, they went with a space-based caper due to the success of both Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The space laser battle in the third act along with the key pad sounds really lend credence to this, it was straight up weird to hear the Close Encounters tones during a Bond flick.

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