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The Spy Who Loved Me

91Wsn3IOAwL. SL1500  768x1024 The Spy Who Loved Me

Britain and Russia both send their best agents to negotiate for a tracking system that has lost them each a nuclear submarine.

In which the writers of the Bond movies give up on being cute with their female character names and just call the primary love interest “Agent XXX”. All that can be forgiven for introducing us to JAWS, a recurring henchman with a mouth that can apparently cut solid metal bars, which makes me wonder if he has a hydraulic system installed to be able to do what he does with that mouth. The same actor that played JAWS was also the big menacing guy in Happy Gilmore! As a fan of underwater movies, I found this Bond film to be somewhat more interesting, the villain after all was living in a giant fish tank in the middle of the sea, with on board sharks to eat people at his command.

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