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Live And Let Die

91CDCHtggqL. SL1500  768x1024 Live And Let Die

Roger Moore finds himself immersed in the world of heroin, voodoo and black magic in his debut as Bond.

A great first appearance of Roger Moore as James Bond and an absolutely amazing opening song by Paul McCarney and The Wings, there were still some pretty major things to complain about: the crummy shooting locations and how terrible the made the US out to be in nearly every scene. A great offset to how dilapidated and crimeridden the streets of New York and Louisiana though was the acting of Jane Seymour as the card reading high priestess named “Solitaire”. I didn’t actually realize that was her name until about the fifth time they said it though, perhaps I missed when Bond made a witty quip about it, though I thought that would have happened when they first met in the underground headquarters of “Mr Big”.

I hated the sheriff in the movie, he was a walking stereotype and made me cringe everytime he mentioned “boy” or “cotton pickin”.

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