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You Only Live Twice

A1HJvIiI4hL. SL1500  768x1024 You Only Live Twice

Bond goes to Japan to investigate the disappearance of American and Russian spacecraft.

There’s much more of a modern feel to ‘You Only Live Twice’ but it still had some cringe-worthy moments, like when Bond decides to go undercover as a Japanese ninja and gets all dolled up in his most stereo-typically offensive outfit and make up he could find. It seemed like they noticed this and every scene after stripped a couple parts of the ensemble. I have no memory of this film prior to this showing, but I can really see the influence it had 30 years later on the Austin Powers films, the giant volcano lair of an International Crime group was right out of the first Power film. It was sad to see the poor cat in this film though, looked like it used up a few of it’s lives getting the movie done.

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