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From Russia With Love

A1NKpY1paL. SL1500  768x1024 From Russia With Love

Enticing James Bond into a trap involving a beautiful girl and a top secret encoder, SPECTRE plans to heat up the Cold War

It was weird to watch a movie where they had fighting fish killing each other, then the losers being fed to a cat. Sean Connery was great of course, but there were some really confusing parts that are only really confusing if I didn’t pay close enough attention, then had to re-watch literally have the movie to figure out just what they were doing at the end of the film. Considering it’s a 50 year old film at this point, here’s some spoilers. At the very end, the film that Bond is destroying? That’s the sex tape that the Russians made of Bond and the blonde. Also, another spoiler that I’m just assuming: they were officially safe once they got onto the water in Italy, so that’s why the film just ended with them kissing the back of a boat.

Nice to see SPECTRE getting their plots against humanity going, I look forward to seeing what devilish plans they have for Bond in the future.

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